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New Year New Garden – Transform your garden in 2021 and change your life

Make the most of your garden in 2021


The new year is a chance to start afresh – out with the old in with the new. Now is the ideal time to assess your situation, take stock and sort things out, whether it is reinventing yourself or updating your home and garden. Start as you mean to go on, keep those New Year’s Resolutions going, with a healthier lifestyle and garden.

Beginning a new project at the outset of a new year is the ideal time to ensure you are motivated to achieve your goal. Gardening can be a fun hobby and a great way of relieving stress for many. Research suggests gardening can also have a positive effect on mental health and physical wellbeing.

And, if you have prepped properly over early winter for your spring garden – you’ll be in a great position to transform your garden in 2021. Keep those winter blues at bay and follow our tips on how you can use your green fingers to boost your wellbeing.

Why choose to change your garden this year?

Getting out into your garden can provide an escape from the pressures and demands of everyday life. It helps relaxation and decreases stress levels. It is also used for rehabilitation purposes and to improve the quality of life for those suffering from long term illness. Being outdoors is like having a little bit of sanctuary, where intrusions and the bombardment of our busy lives can be put to one side.

The initial step to your new, beautiful garden is deciding what type of greenery you want to create. Unleash your inner creativity and identify what you want, whether it is a boxed or raised garden bed, traditional in-ground garden or containerized garden.

The first step to reinventing your new garden is to ensure you have the right gloves for safety to protect your hands from sharp objects and to keep them clean and protected against the elements. The Benchmark Multi-Task glove is perfect for all round hand protection. The 2-in-1 glove provides a soft and comfortable fit, keeping your hands dry and warm.

Improve your garden and boost your mental health

Green therapy enriches the lives of people who struggle with their mental health. Gardening focuses the mind, provides a sense of purpose, achievement and in the process can increase confidence.

So, start digging your garden and loosen out your soil with a rake to create a smooth surface. Within this space, you can create a flower bed of your desire, or, if you fancy growing your own veggies – make a plot for potatoes, carrots or even rhubarb – so not only will you be cleansing your aura, you will also be making room for a healthier body and lifestyle.

The Skytec Argon safety glove will give you thermal protection all year round so you can maintain your plot in all seasons.

Prepare for the summer season now

Getting outdoors at any time of year and especially in winter can be a great mood lifter. The winter months can be especially difficult for some, the days are short, and the lack of sunlight can have a negative effect on mental wellbeing. Plus, many of us live and work under artificial light, which can also be detrimental to our mental health. Natural sunlight is related to the synthesis of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is known to improve mood, increase motivation and self-esteem.

Soak up that vitamin D

Sunlight helps produce vitamin D in our bodies and is stored during the warmer sunnier months in order to make sure we have enough to last us through the winter. Some people lack vitamin D in the winter, a problem more prevalent in people living in northern latitudes like the UK. Lack of this essential vitamin can cause a variety of symptoms, low mood, tiredness and muscle aches, plus a whole host of other problems. Therefore, getting out in the winter sun is a great way of naturally topping up those vitamin D stores, which will help keep the ‘winter blues’ at bay.

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