Splash Visor

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  • 1 Visor
  • 10 Visors
  • 100 Visors
  • 20 Visors
  • 50 Visors
  • 75 Visors

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  • Soft Medical Grade foam headband
  • Protection from liquid droplets, sprays and splashes
  • Elasticated strap to prevent slippage
  • Lightweight easy use
  • Suitable for use with prescription glasses and face masks
  • Wipe clean surface
  • Optically clear all round vision
  • Used by care homes, catering staff, receptionists, prison officers, pharmacists, dental surgeons, production & hygienic environments, retail, etc. Not for use in sterile conditions


In the current circumstances, it’s important that we keep ourselves protected. It is important that you wear the appropriate protection if you are likely to come into contact with people throughout the day. And vital if you are a key worker.
This face shield is designed to give you protection that helps to reduce direct impacts from airborne liquids. Whilst the foam headband aids comfort for extended use.

Product Data

Suitable Applications

Healthcare/ Pharmaceutical, Infection Control


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Pack Size

1 Visor, 10 Visors, 100 Visors, 20 Visors, 50 Visors, 75 Visors