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Ask MStore: “What is the right PPE for hair and beauty workers”?


“Those working in close proximity to their clients should wear a clear face visor to protect against respiratory droplets from coughing, sneezing, or speaking”

UK Government BEIS guidelines

People up and down the UK are hailing the return of hair and beauty salons to help them to tame their post-lockdown locks. However, as social distancing is challenging, if not impossible, in most salons, PPE has become essential for hair and beauty workers. PPE is not a replacement for other risk management strategies like regular hand washing, surface cleaning, and minimising contact.…

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Confused about face masks? The top five things you need to know



Face coverings are now part of everyday life as we help control the spread of COVID-19. In England, the Government has made face coverings compulsory in supermarkets and other shops in England since July 24th which has left many people confused.

So, what types of face mask are there, and what is the best option for you?

1: Do I really need to wear a face mask?

Although early advice from the World Health Organisation and other health experts at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak was that face masks weren’t very effective at stopping the spread of the disease, new research has shown that masks can actually help to reduce transmission, especially in indoor spaces.…