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What are the main types of PPE for the workplace?

Make sure you choose the correct PPE for the job at hand


When in the workplace, you can be subject to various hazards and exposed to injury therefore it’s essential you have the correct personal protective equipment for the job.

However, this is sometimes not as easy as it seems. Businesses need the knowledge to carry out the right level of safety assessment in order to equip their workers for the task.

To help identify the various types of PPE, at Mstore we have pulled together a quick user guide below to categorise and explain the different elements of safety equipment.

Our innovative safety solutions and PPE products are available to suit various lifestyles and workplaces, to ensure you can carry out tasks safely, comfortably and to the best of your ability.

Covid-19 Essentials

With a new world of safety guidelines and the need for compulsory protective equipment in public places, it is fundamental that you choose the right PPE kit for you. Whether that be for personal use, work wear or for business measures, here at MStore, we have a wide range of specialist safety equipment guaranteed to keep you and the people around you protected.

For excellent protection to limit the transmission of infection at an affordable price, we have pulled together a comprehensive selection of Covid-19 PPE essentials for your everyday wear. From shopping to workwear to sports, we have you covered.

Eye Protection

The eyes are arguably the most important of our six senses. So, keeping your eyesight protected is crucial, especially those who may find themselves in various environments of risk such as in the workplace or outdoors.

Safety eyewear is essential to reduce the risk of exposure to the elements such as chemical splashes or radiation. Eye protection is crucial in workplaces that have a high risk of flying particles.

For peace of mind, we have an extensive range of personal protective equipment for your eyes to ensure you can complete any activity to the best of your ability.

Hand Protection

For the green-fingered gardeners to the specialist workplace environment, we have various gloves for safety to protect your hands at any cost.

From winter to summer, we have got everything you need to help keep you protected and minimise injury to your hands.

Whatever the risk factor, whether you need gloves for domestic, workplace or commercial use, you will find what you need to keep your mitts safe in our wide selection of protective hand equipment. Below are the different categories we specialise in for various hazards.

Chemical Protection

We provide a range of high performing impermeable gloves for safety which offer cut protection and resistance to chemicals and hydrocarbons.

Cold Protection

MStore has a range of durable, insulated PPE gloves that are designed to protect your hands in temperatures down to -50 degrees Celsius

Cut Protection

To prevent hand injury, our selection of flexible gloves provides cut protection in dry, oily and greasy handling conditions. Specialist technology ensures a firm grip and resistance to abrasion.

Impact Protection

Our Skytec Torq glove range is high-performing impact-resistant gloves with high levels of cut protection for ultimate hand protection.


For an all-purpose glove, the multi-use gloves protect the hands against liquids and abrasions whilst giving the user enhanced comfort and protection.

Single Use

Our range of disposable safety gloves protect against a range of applications with many products produced allergen-free.

Hearing Protection

Your hearing is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. So, it is vital we protect our ears from damage. If you work in a loud environment and want to protect your ears from any noise pollution, then we have a broad range of ear defenders, ear plugs and safety devices to suit your needs at affordable prices.

Respiratory Protection

More than ever before, keeping your nose and mouth covered to protect your lungs and airways clear from any infection is critical.

At affordable prices, we have a selection of stylish, breathable face coverings for the active individual as well as medically approved masks and industrial workwear safety supplies.

Or, if you are looking for full-face protection, then the splash visor is the right product for you. An elasticated, foam headband provides ultimate hygienic comfort, easy fit and clear vision for the user whilst ensuring you have the correct personal protective equipment.