Glove Laundering Guide

These guidelines are suitable for coated gloves consisting of Polyamide / Polyester / HPPE / Kevlar® fibres

  1. Please Note

    Before laundering, inspect the glove to evaluate the degree of degradation

  2. Instructions

    • Use commercial laundry soap or a neutral detergent
    • Ensure the washing machine is not completely filled (2/3 full maximum)
    • Pre-wash at 40°C (Recommended)
    • Wash at 40°C (Recommended)
    • Rinse at 40°C (Recommended)
    • Repeat the wash and rinse process if soiling is especially heavy
    • Tumble dry: maximum temperature 60°C (Acceptable humidity level: 10-20%)
  3. Recommendations

    • If the machine is equipped with a ‘fast extraction’ function, select this function to remove as much water as possible and limit the drying time
    • During the last rinse, add a disinfectant
  4. Caution

    • Do not use chlorine bleach
    • Avoid oxidants
    • Do not exceed 60°C during washing and drying operations to avoid shrinkage (40°C recommended)
    • Do not wring, iron or dry clean
  5. Do not clean

    The following types of gloves:

    • Disposable gloves
    • Chemical resistant gloves
    • Gloves constructed with leather

Please note that these are guidelines
Before re-using gloves, ensure they are completely dry on the inside and outside. Mstore does not guarantee the mechanical properties and performance levels of gloves following the process above being adopted, nor does it accept any liability once gloves have been washed.