Glove Care Guide

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Essential Precautions to maximise the performance of your gloves

  1. Individual Use

    To prevent any risk of microbial, organic or chemical contamination, use of any glove should be ‘personal’ and not shared with other wearers, even after washing. (European directive 89/656/EEC).

  2. Checking Wear

    Each user must carefully monitor the condition of their gloves and replace them as soon as they lose the properties required for the task undertaken. This is notably the case for chemical protection gloves, which may show signs of excessive softening, becoming porous, brittle or displaying cracks when in contact with corrosive substances. This is normal but potentially harmful to hands, therefore precautions must be taken. (See below).

  3. Washing

    Where indicated, SHOWA and SKYTEC gloves can be washed at 40°C with a neutral detergent (pH ≥ 5), but the machine should not be filled completely as this affects the removal of soiling. Mechanical and/or chemical resistant properties typically remain after three washes but this depends on the degree of wear to the glove which must be checked.

  4. In Chemical Environments

    • Before putting on the gloves, wash and dry your hands carefully.
    • In the event of prolonged use, do not use gloves beyond the recommended exposure time as highlighted within a COSHH assessment.
    • Regularly check that the gloves have not become porous or are displaying any signs of degradation.
    • Where appropriate, folding the sleeve of the glove over slightly can help prevent substances coming into contact with arms.
    • Before removing gloves follow the advice on the user instructions.
    • When removing the second glove, do not touch the outside with the bare hand, but grip it by the inside of the sleeve. (Glove removal protocols are available from Mstore upon request).
    • Before reusing gloves, check that they are dry both inside and out.


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